Design Your Stages Online!

We have created an online stage design tool to allow you to create your IDPA and USPSA stages easily and quickly online. Our Drag and Drop interface makes stage design a snap!

Edit Stages

The ability to edit a stage that you created online is an invaluable tool that we have seen nowhere else! Whether you want to change a stage or create a new stage from one you have already created, our stage editor is just as easy to use as our stage designer!

Upload Stages to Library

Already have a collection of stages on your computer? Great! Share them with others by uploading them to our online library.

Note: Uploaded stages are not editable, but you can view them in the online library, copy them to your private library, and add them to catagories you create.

Email Stages as Attachments

Find a stage that you like? Email it to a friend or match director quickly and easily. Simply click the "Email" button under the stage image in the Library, enter the email address to send it to, add a few comments and click "Send". Quick, easy and simple.

Combine multiple stages into one pdf document for sending via email.

Stage Library

Design IDPA and USPSA Stages Online | IPad Compatible | Trident Stage Designer

iPad Compatible

With the use of tablet computers and mobile devices growing rapidly, the ability to design and browse stages on these devices is key to making this site accessible to everyone. Our stage designer, as well as all other features of our site, are compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android devices and others.

Note: This site is still in Beta Testing and has only been tested with iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

More Features Coming Soon!

Design IDPA and USPSA Stages Online | Trident Stage Designer